Every blogger must harness technology in order to blog smarter. In this article, we share apps that can help you blog like a professional with minimum effort.

1) Grammarly Keyboard. 

 Unedited work is a put-off. Grammarly is a  lifesaving keyboard that edits your work to ensure you do not publish substandard articles. It auto punctuates, correct grammar and spellings, as you type! Download for iOS or Android.

2) Instapaper. 

We are all guilty of opening a lot of tabs we never get to read. Instapaper allows you to save your articles for reading later. It does more than the pocket app! You can highlight a passage of the article, Instapaper will create a quotable snippet ready for tweeting. Download for iOS or Android.

3) Mix (Formerly StumbleUpon). 

This is a social curation app which allows you to collect web articles of your interest. It enables you to follow and be followed by people of similar interest. This is an amazing way to increase your blog readership since you can add your articles to your collection making it discoverable to more people. Download for iOS or Android.

4) Canva.

This is graphic designing app where you can design your blog logo, header and other images to use on your site. Canva offers over 60000  templates of fliers, logos, headers,  Instagram posts, Facebook covers, invitations and many others to choose from. Download for iOS or Android.

5) Snapseed.

This is a photo editor that can make photos you took with your phone camera look pro. Comes with simple but effective image editing tools and tutorials. Download for iOS or Android.

6) WordPress

A must have for everyone who has a WordPress blog. A well-packaged app that brings all the WordPress online publishing tools into your palm. You can access your dashboard anywhere anytime. Uploading photos are, even more, easier on this app than on the web. Download for iOS or Android.

7) Preview.

If you are a blogger on Instagram this is for you. This app allows you to view how your insta will look like before you publish a photo. It arrays the photo you intend to publish alongside those you have already published.  You can check if a photo will disrupt or fit into your publishing theme.Download for iOS or Android.

8) Buffer.

This is a social managing app. We all know how difficult it is to create a post and continuously share it on all our social media accounts. Buffer allows you to create, and schedule your post for various social media accounts. Say you publish an article today, you can create a post for your social media accounts to be published immediately, then another for after 3 days and another for after a week. This will ensure your work remains visible for a longer time on social media. Download for iOS or Android.

9) Bloglovin.

Every blogger should be an avid reader. It’s good for inspiration and being informed. Bloglovin helps you to discover, follow and read work by other bloggers. Download for iOS or Android.

10) Evernote.

Ideas have a way of coming to us in the weirdest of places and unexpected times. Evernote allows you to quickly photograph, record or write notes about your idea, which you can access and develop into a blog post later.Download for iOS or android.

This list of apps is by no means exhaustive. Apps are created and discarded everyday as technology improves.

Your turn:  

There are many apps we are yet to discover. Share with us the apps that make your blogging life easier in the comments section below.