5 reasons why your blog is important

You may be questioning why you should continue with your blog. Perhaps, you feel like you were sold a dream of money-making because you do not see where the money is. Why should you suffer creating content when it seems no one cares to leave a comment nor press like?

Blogging is hard work. Though it takes time blogging is rewarding in more ways than most people dared to imagine. Here I share reasons why you should keep your blog alive even if it means you will be posting once a month.

Move From watching to participating

Your blog takes you from being an observer to participating in the becoming of everything happening around you. We are actively involved in everything we write about, it shapes our opinion through research reflection and the way we express it. In this era where people have hidden behind high walls, interaction is often limited to online platforms. What you comment online has the ability to shake things in the physical space. Many revolutions have been tweeted into life. Your blog is your activism on whatever issue you care about.

Be the difference to that one person.

Blogs unlike big traditional news outlets are relatable because their information is raw . The stories capture grassroots feelings, in a way that is impossible for mainstream news. You will realise that once you publish something on your blog, it ceases to be yours alone. It becomes a mouthpiece expressing the feelings of many people.Resonance is a life saver.

Once you publish something on your blog, it ceases to be yours alone. It becomes a mouthpiece expressing the feelings of many people.

Sometimes the person needing saving is yourself. Your blog can save you by being that one place where you vent all your frustrations and discomfort. No matter the size of the audience your blog can be the difference for someone.

Digital footprint and exposure

A blog gives you the chance to build your brand. You get exposed to many opportunities. Through blogging some have started thriving companies. From blogging about travel some have been made hospitality patrons. Blogging pays a lot to those who are doing it right. Doing it right in this instance means consistency and determination. Keep your blog alive by do what’s right.

Challenge stereotypes, defend your realm

I am an African, I come across stereotypes every day in mainstream news, from respected individuals and organisations. There are people who are working to misconstrue our narrative because it pays their bills. Your blog can be evidence against lies that have been told about your society, your kind of people and sometimes your religion. Your blog is the ambassador of your realm.

Tell your story

There is so much potential in you. People say there is nothing new under heaven. Indeed running was not something new when Usain Bolt burst into the scene but Bolt’s speed was! Storytelling is not a novel phenomena but your way of doing it could be new. The best stories are yet to be told. Do not die an untold story.

I hope I have convinced you to keep up the fire on your blog. Not every blog can save a million people but be happy if it saves even one!

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  1. My blog keeps my writing alive. It is terribly difficult to get published, even when you have had some kind of success, and as the rejection letters come in depression sets in, but once I write on the blog and people like it, I get the energy to keep dreaming that one day the gatekeepers will like my writing too. ;-))

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