Larry Kwirirayi: Podcasting and blogging
Larry Kwirirayi: Podcasting and blogging

Larry Kwirirayi: Podcasting and blogging

Larry Kwirirayi is a Zimbabwean writer, blogger, radio presenter, poet, award-nominated actor, digital strategist, social media marketer. He is the founder of a podcast called Kwiricast and 3 Man On A Boat a Zimbabwean news and entertainment site.

Once he failed to get some of his articles into the newspaper. He was told they were too radical, boring such that no one would want to read them. Instead of giving up, he started blogging! We invited Larry to our twitter platform to engage with other bloggers and share some experiences.

What factors did you consider when you started your podcast

The first and only factor was, did i have something to say? And would I listen to it if I wasn’t the one who produced. Whether I would get t 205 episodes or not was never interesting for me.

Was there ever a time when you felt like quitting from both your blog and podcasting? If so how did you navigate the circumstances?

I think everyone feels like quitting what they love. There was a time I felt #3mob had run its course. But instead of closing it, I changed how it worked and restructured it. And we carried on again. The podcast, I simply didn’t release episodes for a bit

In your opinion and based on your experience what is the ideal blog post length?

I think this is one of those things that is hard to tell. I think people focus too little on the content and more on the technical side. What you should focus on is a unique post. Sometimes long reads get more hits than short bursts. Create great content

How much should I budget to start a podcast?

It can be nothing. You can record and edit from your phone. Loads of editing tools that exist. Don’t focus on having a great sound first. Focus on content. You really will only discover your voice after 15 or so episodes and create a routine that works for you

Think of blogs as opinion spaces.

Larry Kwirirayi on blogging and fake news

What are some of your strategies in gaining more traffic and readership?

Create shareable content. If the only people who shares content is you, it is problematic. And maintain a writing style, innovate around it and grow new things that get new audiences and evolve the ones you have

How can bloggers build a solid brand that they can monetize?

Be consistent. When people trust you can reproduce the same quality every single time, they invest. That is why you buy certain drinks without asking and know when it is off. Secondly, don’t think about the money. Money makes people do stupid things.

Please share some monetization tips, what has worked for you and what has not?

What has not worked for us is creating content that is inconsistent with who we are. So if we started native advertising politics or religion, people would be confused. We are edgy. Urbane. So easy to sell around that. On video/podcast explores product placement/ mention

From your experience why do many bloggers fail?

Because they have a limited scope of why they blog. When someone asks me for advice, it is always, how do I make money from a blog. Am like can I see your blog? They don’t even have one. So for them, if targeted client doesn’t bite, they quit

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