A letter to a Soul-Brother

The Mother of Humans: Thank you
4:28 AM

I looked back again this evening and smiled at the shadow, at my trail I liken my life to a child on a silly carnival ride, whose arms are jealously guarded by the warm palms of a caring mother Hysteria, hypnosis all gathered about my insanity

Who pampered me into the realms of my dream in the first place?
Whilst basking at the peak of my formless victories, providence swept by
An angel who nurtures, the sculptor who moulds me into shape
And gracefully on the platter of gold, you handed me unto me the privileges of a son
A grace I wake up to, each day, to cherish and wonder if they were but a dream

You treat every piece of me as a whole and demonstrates love, kindness and dignity in their most subtle forms to all of us.
Most of the lessons you teach are not by a single word, they come from your actions, attitudes, and feedbacks from people who have the rare fortune to have come your way


By God’s grace, my feet are on the path of greatness And my hands are already reaching beyond the bars
If ever my story is to be told, let it be remembered that I didn’t come this far on my own….hence, should never be referred to as a self-made man

There is a vacuum in my heart, a missing word, a rent that I yet do not know how to fill
That, I hope I shall live the rest of my life to seek
Someday, my gratitude as you would want it would be what impact I will have made in the lives of others

Thank you for bestowing on me the most influential singular impact
Thank you for making me a prioritized responsibility
Thank you for the finest embrace I got on that cold Sunday morning when I into this beautiful world beheld the azure sky where you were waiting to receive me

Thank you for every sacrifice walk. I was sleeping when you stayed awake in the labour room awaiting this perfect gift from God
Thank you for teaching those lessons that will ever matter
Thank you for the errands you run for my sake
Thank you for those thousand lives whose stories ain’t done without your touch

To the community, the church, the people and to the world in its entirety
To the commoners, the gentry, the indigents, the widows, the students
We identify with your great deeds, we appreciate them all
In the mission you have commissioned me to fulfil, the end does not seem to be near soon…but take my words…I will not fail you….this promise is my only gift for you on your birthday in the trust that the Lord will keep you and me safe

Thank you! Soul-Brother

Tonight when the sun sets, I will go on my knees and whisper to the highest heavens as I see God, to thank him for life and its most special privileges, including you. Thank you, Soul-Brother, for all the privilege you have bestowed unto me.

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