About Afrobloggers

Afrobloggers is a platform for celebrating, archiving and showcasing African bloggers. Our values inspire Creativity, a sense of Community and encourage freedom of Expression.

Our Tag line: Promoting Africa’s Emerging Voices tells of our belief in equal representation and inclusion on the canvas of African stories.

Why African Bloggers?

  • Bloggers play a critical role of telling undiluted grassroots stories. Their stories often told from lived experiences, occupy the gap which profit seeking media often choose to ignore or deliberately crop out.
  • Blogging like any creative hustle does contribute to Africa’s creative economy, creating employment and economic sustainability for many.
  • Most Bloggers are influential in their spheres, nurturing and supporting them translates to good collaborations which can be harnessed for good community changes through awareness, lobbying and advocacy.
  • Spotlighting Bloggers helps to expose them to many different opportunities. Many have partnered with reputable organisations, while some have started their own companies. Blogging can be so much more!
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You can work with us on our various existing projects, or propose new initiatives. We value our Partners and Sponsors.