About Afrobloggers


Afrobloggers is a platform for showcasing African bloggers, inspiring creativity, peer to peer learning, networking and a culture of collaborations towards growth and more visibility.

Why African Bloggers?

  • Bloggers play a critical role of telling undiluted grassroots stories. Their stories often told from lived experiences, occupy the gap which profit seeking media often choose to ignore or deliberately crop out.
  • Blogging like any creative hustle does contribute to Africa’s creative economy, creating employment and economic sustainability for many.
  • Most Bloggers are influential in their spheres, nurturing and supporting them translates to good collaborations which can be harnessed for good community changes through awareness, lobbying and advocacy.
  • Spotlighting Bloggers helps to expose them to many different opportunities. Many have partnered with reputable organisations, while some have started their own companies. Blogging can be so much more!

How can Bloggers get involved?

Follow us on our online channels to take part in the enriching conversations going on everyday and also to discover new African Bloggers.

Account Takeover

Every Sunday on Twitter we give one blogger a chance to meet and share with fellow bloggers by tweeting from our Account. This improves the bloggers’s visibility and enables crowd-sourcing of solutions to many blogging challenges. To book your slot please email [email protected]

Blogging Challenges

Blogging Challenges come in different styles. The aim being to encourage bloggers to blog consistently and to network more with each other. We host the Winter Afrobloggers Blogging Challenge (WinterABC) in June of every Year.In December we have the Best of The Year (BOTY

Workshops and Meet ups

We do workshops for those who want to start blogging or seek to improve. Afrobloggers collaborates with various stakeholders to make this possible.

Blogger Profiling

Afrobloggers researches and profiles bloggers through Interviews which we share on our online platforms. We also encourage bloggers to get listed on our African bloggers directory found on the sidebar of this site, to make it easy for others to find their work.

Afrobloggers TweetChat

Every Monday we host tweet chat using the hashtag #ChatWithAb. During these sessions we discuss important issues raised by other bloggers. We also bring experts for discussion whenever possible.

Partner With Us

If you are not a blogger but seeking to work with us please check our Partnership Wall.

Social Media Manager

Mercy Mukwamba

Mercy is a Google certified Digital Marketer who is also an award winning blogger and certified Fitness enthusiast


Bruce Kadzviti

Bruce is an award winning innovator who is passionate about improving the lives of African communities through various initiatives

Community Manager

Beaton Mabaso

Beaton a.k.a Uncle of Bloggers is an experienced digital storyteller who writes on the beauty and chaos of a place he calls home

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