Most frequent questions and answers

We promote African bloggers by sharing their work on our various platforms. We educate them through workshops, tutorials and webinars . We celebrate their efforts through awards and endorsements.

We can arrange to put you in a group or one on one tutorial to take you through all the stages of creating and running a blog

You have to be an African, with a regularly updated blog, (text, photo, audio or video format) Visit our membership page to apply to join. You will be added to a WhatsApp group upon acceptance.

When you share your work on social media please include the hashtag #afrobloggers or tag our handle.  

Our community is a great place to network, forge friendships, and valuable partnerships which will lead to greater opportunities.

Afrobloggers is a registered Trust. We are a group of people who love Africa and its creatives our satisfaction comes from seeing African Bloggers develop fully to their potential and get to a level where they access better opportunities. We are for diversity and inclusion, storytelling is a great tool for achieving this.

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