How to choose the right blog theme

Blog Theme

Theme refers to the layout of your site. It is the template which determines the colors, fonts and style affecting your blog look and feel. Choosing the right theme is important because this is your brand’s everyday look to the world.

Blog Theme

Almost all blogging platforms offer free and paid themes from which you can choose the right theme for yourself. However,with thousands available at your disposal choosing is not easy. The factors listed below might help you make the right choice:

1. Objective

What is the objective of your site? What do you want people to do when they land on your blog? Knowing what you want to achieve on your site will help you focus on the right theme features. A blog about short stories must seek out a theme with great typography appearance, while a photography blog may settle for great image layouts. If your blog has a call to action, does the theme support your call to action? Do you want people to buy something, can your theme display the purchase buttons or your online shop?

2.Mobile Responsiveness

Many modern themes are built to be compatible with many devices. Check how your theme performs on different devices: desktop, mobile and tablet. Some blogs look so nice on mobile devices but are not great on desktops. Another thing to check is how your blog performs on different browsers. You can do this on

Majority of people access blogs from mobile devices, it is prudent to ensure that your site has a satisfactory mobile look.

3. Branding

Creating a blog is a great step in building your digital brand. Every brand has a brand template specifying it’s colours, font and logo usage. The right theme must showcase your brand so well. This means you should choose a theme with customisable colours and fonts, if you intend to align your site with your brand. Most free themes offer limited colours and fonts. If you cannot find a theme that best showcases your brand, you may consider upgrading.

4. Layout Style

When you decide to build a blog site, often you have an idea of what you want it to look like. Do you want footer or sidebar widgets? Do you want a lively site that has slides and support video widgets? Maybe you want a grid content display! All this will determine the kind of theme that you select.

5. Plugins and developer support

Security threats evolve by developing sophisticated ways of hurting your site. The theme that you choose must be continuously updated for your site to remain secure and responsive. Check when your theme of choice was last updated. Recent updates despite the theme having been launched years ago shows that the developer is active.

You may not get every feature you want from your chosen themes. However it is important that your chosen theme supports plugins of your choice.

These are some of the factors we considered when choosing the theme for this Afrobloggers site. I also recommend that you keep your site simple. Avoid excessive use of widgets. These may clutter your site and give the user a detestable experience.

Remember, choosing right theme is just one part of creating a beautiful site. Your blog will look great because of uniformity. Uniformity is achieved by consistent use of things like images, pull quotes and other things that define your blogging style. Give your blog that personal touch!


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  1. Niceeeee 💕. For just a blog, which theme can I choose?

  2. dilman says:

    This good one, learned something especially about browsershot. I used to not pay attention to how the site appears on browsers but now I should….

  1. May 15, 2020

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