My Move From Blogger To WordPress

migrating from blogger to wordpress

Moving To WordPress From Blogger by Nicole Kurebwaseka

It’s very hard to move from a place you got to know who you are and build a brand name for yourself…but I did it. Moved from Blogger To WordPress.

Migrating from Blogger To WordPress

The process

1. Mastering the process of importing your blogs from your current website to WordPress. I read the process three times so that I don’t lose my content. If you are moving from Blogger use this link:

2. Spoiler alert: You cannot move with all your amazing stats and followers (I only had two followers but they were important). The only memory you have are your comments.

3. I didn’t grasp all the things that I needed to know about WordPress and I found myself making some changes for example: my url on after posting 4 blogs. It’s important to research about WordPress and know how it works.

*Choose the right theme

The Reason I Moved

Uncle B motivated me to move, though it took sometime to execute. When I had the conversation about it with him, I thought I was going to do it instantly because he presented evidence of how amazing WordPress is and the fact that it powers 30 % of the internet was the icing on the cake. Although it was a process detaching myself from Blogger and accepting the realit. Thank you Uncle B.

I learnt the importance of being around people who build me. I wanted grow and hang around great writers, ranting together and being creative.

Migrating to WordPress

What I love about WordPress so far

The engagement is great and the blogging community is really supportive. I feel motivated to keep writing and I feel like I’m inspiring someone.

There are no limitations, it’s a great atmosphere to rant, inspire, motivate and be colour dramatic with themes.

It’s a whole new world.

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