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Nicole Kurebweseka

Nicole Kurebweseka is a personal blogger from Zimbabwe. She blogs on Humanity Boss where she shares her critical commentary on the world aiming to empower and inspire others. From her love for music, to unpopular choices like Nicole bares it all, one blog post at a time

Nicole graced us this week on Afrobloggers Twitter Account on our popular Shine N Share session which happens every Sunday.

This weeks session began with Nicole revealing how she was inspired by a movie to start her blog:

Despite having this light bulb moment Nicole says she did not know how to promote her work so that many people could read it because she had not discovered sharing platforms such as twitter.

Apart from promotion challenges Nicole had another problem: commitment. Her love for a single blog idea was always short lived as she would create a new space as soon as she felt bored. This turned her into a “Nomad Blogger” she says.

This experience brought so many lessons which she was so happy to share:

Nicole Kurebweseka had so much much fun, she had this to say about her twitter takeover experience at the end of the day:

The engagement is so amazing, future collaborations with a Nigerian blogger Anita Kamba-she is so amazing. It feels good to share my blogging journey with other storytellers and getting to know what they write about. I feel success because I challenged myself and executed.

Nicole Kurebweseka

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