Saving lives with a drop of Water

In the world today, close to 1 billion people still drink water collected directly from streams, lakes and shallow, hand-dug wells, while hundreds of millions more drink contaminated water from unsafe municipal systems or borehole wells.

1 in 10 people lacks access to clean save water.

In recent years, decentralized solutions for water treatment at the point of collection or use, combined with education to improve water handling, storage, and hygiene practices, have not been able to entirely solve the consistent issues of water-related diseases in many communities of Africa.

Hope Spring Water provides access to clean, safe water to communities in the dry region of sub-Saharan Africa by building wells and drilling bore-holes in the region of Africa. This charitable gesture by the U.K based water charity is a strategy that enables individuals, particularly women and children in local communities to have access to clean, safe water. You can also join the charitable course, by donating to a water charity in Nigeria.

The inspiration of helping to alleviate water poverty in Africa, not surprisingly, came up and became a reality when one of the trustees of Hope Spring Water captured a scenario of a young boy who ought to be in school, was selling water on the street of Lagos. This inspired by the idea of a water charity that helps children and women have access to clean, safe water and helps the children to stay in school.

The wells and bore-holes built in different communities have been estimated to increase productivity and cut deaths from diarrheal diseases in half for children under five.

Clean water should be a necessity

Since the start of this charity project, more than 100 wells and bore-holes have been donated to different communities in West Africa. The UK based Water charity is committed to donating more wells and bore-holes to poor communities in the region of West-Africa.

“We cannot do great things on this earth ! only small things with great love”

-Mother Teresa.

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