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Ghanaian Naana Joa Braso has been writing for 8 years now, mostly poems and short stories inspired by Greek mythology and fan fiction. She is a strong believer that people only follow your blog when they relate and believe in what you write about. Other than wanting to be remembered as a blogger that actually got to make money from her passion; she’d also really love to be known as someone who helped promote African brands taking them to their greatest marketing potential.

Who are your biggest influencers?

Well, many people have influenced my work over the years. It has been a fulfilling journey that’s led me to meeting people who’ve impacted my writing in different ways.

I started out as a poet who shared her work only on Facebook until I met Raj Suraj, who introduced me to the People of Equal Thoughts and Spirits (P.O.E.T.S.). Raj who is a mastermind at both poetry and spoken word assisted me in writing some beautiful work.

For a couple of months now, Nayirrah Waheed is having a great influence on my work. At first, poetry seemed like an art that should have lots of depths. But after reading Nayirrah’s book ‘SALT,’ I realised that poetry is about staying true to who you are with each stroke of the pen.

But my biggest influence has been my former position as a Secretary for a shipping company, where I had to write lots of formal letters. I have also worked with a couple of NGOs where I assisted by writing winning sponsorship letters. With these kind of responsibilities, you have no other choice than to learn how to write well.

As a blogger, I believe I’ve been my own greatest influence. I’ve discovered things for myself through research; trial and error.

What surprising lessons about blogging have you learned along the way?

Other than the fact that people are secretly watching what you do, I will say the surprising lessons would be the following;

  • Be it a professional or personal blog, a blog shows the world what you are made up of. You can somehow tell who someone is just by analysing what they write about or what interests them.
  • A blog adds to your credibility. How consistent you are with blogging can also show your level of commitment.
  • Staying true to yourself and your purpose can go a long way to gaining the audience you desire.

What’s next for your blog?

I’ve been managing three blogs now, coming up with content and promoting it.

With regards to my business and lifestyle blog where I promote brands, events, people and start-up companies; offer career and blogging tips; I am looking at getting a domain since this is now my actual job. I also started a shop on the blog to sell traditional items from all over the world. This way, I will not only promote brands, I will also assist in selling their products as well as mine.

The next thing for my travel blog is my trip to Togo. I recently resigned from my position as a secretary so I have more time on my hand to indulge in my passion. It has always been a dream to volunteer with an NGO outside my country and so for the next month, I’ll be volunteering with an NGO in Togo while touring the country. This way, I get to share my travel experience while fulfilling my dream.

My personal blog is where I share poetry, my thoughts on issues and personal experiences. This blog has been ignored for a while but all that is about to change with my Ice Queen Chronicles project.

Walk us through the step by step process it’s taken you to get here?

  • Discovered my passion.
  • Decided to share it.
  • Interacted with those with similar interests.
  • Wrote meaningful and relatable articles.
  • Shared my work with people I met.
  • Participated in competitions.
  • Stayed true to myself and purpose always.
  • Allowed myself to grow.
  • Opened myself up to change.

What has been the biggest challenge of having your own blog?

Consistency. I tend to get so drowned in so many projects all at the same time that I can sometimes neglect my blogs to chase after something else. So this way, if my current project has nothing to do with my blog, I kind of forget to update my blog. So now I have set up reminders and dates for each blog so I can keep up with them.

Feature Written By: Sinawo Bukani

She is a Digital Marketing Recruit at Umuzi Photo Club. She recently resigned from her corporate job as an Asset Management Associate to invest in her SuperPowers in Literary Journalism, Lifestyle Blogging and Content Marketing.

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