Types of blogs

In my introduction to blogging I defined blogging, and explored why people blog. In this article I look at the types of blogs that new bloggers can adopt for their blog. The type of blog you choose often determines the content, the blogging platform, and the theme or template for the site.


A niche blog concentrates on a specific topic. Example of niche blog include Travel blogs, food blogs , tech blogs, among other narrowed specialised topics. The bloggers often concentrate on their area of passion, expertise or hobby.

Example of a niche blogs : Blazeyblaze (reggae blog) , TechFinancials


This is one of the most common types of blogs because it does not require much expertise. A personal blog carries stories from a blogger’s personal perspective,experience or opinion. It is much like a personal diary where one writes about their muse,thoughts,aspirations and experiences. Often when pieced together the different posts on the blog reveal a bigger clearer picture about the personal life of the blogger.

Examples of personal blogs :Becoming the muse, Beneath The Tip of My Pen,

The Rogue

A blog that often rides on polarization and satire. Nothing is sacred to the blogger as they straddle on cynicism and criticism debunking and opposing popular beliefs to stand out from the pack in an effort to attract attention—even, sometimes, negative attention. Rogue blogs are ideal for brands that don’t mind being a dissident voice.

Examples of Rogue blogs Charlie Hebdo and Zappiro

News blog

You don’t have to be a journalist to have this blog. However you need a source of continuous and consistent content in the niche you are covering. This blog survives on sharing latest developments in current affairs. It attracts a huge following hungry for information. Entertainment blogs often fall under this category.

Examples of news blogs include Linda Ikeji , NewsGhana and YoMzansi

Majority of blogs straddle more than one category. A guide blog might also be a niche blog hosted on social media making it a Social blog.

The Entreprise

This is the type of blog a business would have. Bigger companies with websites often include a blog on their site. This is the place where they discuss new products, reach out with news of their latest Corporate Social Responsibilities. The aim is to create a trustworthy interaction with their customers by churning out content relevant to their products.

Examples of Enterprise blogs Fidelity Bank

The Guide

These are the angels who are helping people with their daily lives. Under this category, are life coaches, personal development teachers and every other blog that teaches people how to do something. Some blogs teach how to do gardening, while some dwell on parenting.

Examples of Guide blogs are Fitness Bae International , You, Baby and I and Homeology

The Professional

These blogs are run by people who take blogging as a career. Their aim is to make money online as such they employ various strategies to generate income,from displaying ads, selling their own products, writing sponsored articles and product reviews for a commission to developing courses they can sell to readers.

Example of professional blogs Shoemoney and Smart Passive Income

The Social Blog

A social blog is hosted on a social media platform like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Majority of these blogs have a huge following interested in a unique information niche such as travel or lifestyle and photography and sports. These are often run by influencers.

Example of Social Blogs are Kenyan Weddings, Allesio La Ruffa and Xtian Della

There are more blog types you can research on: Reverse Blog, Affiliate Blog, Link-log, Podcast Blog and Vlogs.

We hope this article was helpful in helping you figure out your blog type.


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