Winter abc 2020 Highlights

Winter Blogging challenge began on 1 June 2020. This is an annual event that lasts for a whole month. African bloggers will be blogging on 22 selected topics. It’s a blogging festival, voices are sharing from diverse backgrounds, religion, culture, writing styles and experiences.

Winterabc Topics

Here are skimmed highlights of the challenge as it happens:

Day 1: Introduction pledge


I decide to do it, cause I wanna challenge myself. I saw a quote once that said “You only grow outside your comfort zone”, and this is outside my comfort zone, not only about blogging every day, but some of the topics are a bit new for me to write about, so I wanna do it. I wanna grow, and try new things and sharing new things on my blog. The world is already changing, I should be able to change a bit with it. Even it is something small like this.

Nessa (Ghana/Sierra Leone)

I have often seen blogging challenges like these before but I never get involved because most of these challenges are started by predominately white blogging groups and I find that my black voice in those networks isnt heard or ignored entirely.

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Promoting Africa's emerging voices

16 Responses

  1. Bruce Oden says:

    That post by Lumierra was indeed a powerful post. Strength and more strength to her . May the story continue to help other people.

  2. Ria's Haven says:

    This is super great! I am all in.
    I participated last year and I had such a great time.💪

  3. Thank you AfroBloggers. It’s a great challenge.

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