WinterABC Topics 2020


WinterABC Topics can be downloaded below. If you have any challenges reach out to us and we will happily send to your email.

The countdown for WinterAbc 2020 starts today. We share the topics in advance to enable bloggers to adequately plan, research and schedule to avoid pressure. Publishing will begin on the 1st of June 2020. The Challenge will run for the whole month of June with weekends reserved for rest.

We have tried to put a topic for everyone, without recycling exhausted blogging topics. It is our hope that this Winter Blogging challenge will help you to reflect about your own life, Africa and your place in this digital era.

To those who may find the topics deviating from their blog niche or objectives you can still join by finding an angle that fits with your blog. You may have a podcast, a video blog or a photography site, find a way to join us on this ride. Remember your post does not always have to be in long prose form, sometimes a quote may do the trick. Sometimes a picture will say everything and more.

Tag all your posts on social media with #WinterAbc2020. To further understand the challenge read this post. Thank you to all bloggers who took time to help us with suggestions for 2020 WinterAbc Topics.

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