8 little known search engine marketing tricks for bloggers and digital marketers
8 little known search engine marketing tricks for bloggers and digital marketers

8 little known search engine marketing tricks for bloggers and digital marketers

One of the fundamental goals of every blogger or digital marketer is to get more traffic to blogs or website. Though this might be a very difficult puzzle to unravel, yet it is quite easy if one understands the little tricks that come with it. 

Are you new into the blogging world?  Here are some eight little search engine tricks to get more ranking on google pages and gather lots of traffic. 

Create superb marketing content 

Although content marketing is not new in the world of online marketing, it has become the most prominent in the list of digital marketing strategies. The popular phrase “Content is King” cannot be overemphasized in the digital marketing niche. Content marketing is the nucleus of all successful l digital marketing campaigns. 

  • Content is the heart of every blogging and digital marketing strategy

Content is the nucleus of every digital marketing strategy. It is a fundamental tool that determines the success of every digital marketing strategy. It is the basis for SEO because the content is what ranks on Google SERPs. Content determines the success of every PPC campaign because it is the body of the landing pages that draws traffic from campaigns. 

  • Great content helps to bring new leads 

According to DemandMetrics content marketing costs about 72% less than a traditional marketing strategy, it generates far more leads. Apart from the fact that content marketing is affordable, it helps to generate more leads for small businesses. 

  • Content helps to build relations and bonds with readers and  customers

Great marketing contents help to foster a relationship and build genuine bonds with customers.  

  • Content builds backlinks 

Great content is the most effective tool to build backlinks. Great content, resort to great links which improve ranking.  Depending on the site that links to the content, your audience multiplies by 2 or more. 

  • Great contents attract ideal buyers

On several occasions, great content that answers questions on services or products attract genuine buyers. A content that speaks to the emotions of the audience, brings more sales. 

Build internal links 

One of the most important, yet neglected search engine tricks for online marketing is internal links. The following are the importance of internal links to online marketing 

  • Internal links help Google find your content 
  • It helps to spread the link juice on articles on your blogs 
  • Internal linking improves page ranks
  • Improves time spent on your website 
  • It helps to back up your points on your article

Increase your social media presence 

If you’re a CEO or small business owner, and you haven’t leveraged the power of social media, believe me, you’re missing a lot. The social media platform is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. The importance of increasing social media presence includes the following

  • Social media helps to reach millions of customers worldwide. 
  • Social media helps to increase your brand awareness 
  • Social media helps to stay up in mind 
  • Social media marketing is economical 
  • Social media helps to boost sales 
  • It creates customers and audience engagement

Use the three types of SEO

Improves your online marketing strategy by leveraging on the three types of SEOs  which includes 

On-page SEO 

This involves finding the best keywords to target on-page content, publishing high-quality content that focuses on target keywords and optimizing keywords using the targeted keyword in all the right places with a good meta tag. 

Off-page SEO 

This includes the strategy to build your website authority and reputation. This involves having high-quality backlinks and building relationships with other websites. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with improving website backends structure. Which entails improving the following 

  • Crawlability
  • Mobile-friendliness 
  • Structured data
  • Security 
  • Site speed 
  • Site architecture 
  • Indexing 

Create a mobile-friendly website 

In recent times, a mobile-friendly website is a standard for online marketing. Having a website does not mean that it can work best on smartphones and tablets, you have to ensure that your website is a mobile-friendly website

  • A mobile-friendly website is a benefit for a brands reputation 
  • It improves sites conversion rate 
  • It gives a positive ranking signal 
  • Mobile shopping is taking over
  • It makes a brand to be more reliable and relevant 

Optimize your Google my business page for local SEO

One of the most powerful, effective, and efficient ways to advertise an online business is through Google My Business. Google My Business helps online businesses to organise and update business information to connect with customers through Google maps, direct messaging and customer reviews. It also enables business owners to review and analyse how customers search and connect with an online business.

It helps to boost business locally search rankings.

Find out the best time to post marketing content on your website 

Finding out the best time to post marketing content is one of the key strategies to reach genuine customers. It is important to know the specific time the highest percentage of your audience visit your website.  Experiment with different times to know the best time to release or post a new article. 

Create better graphics for your ads. 

According to a recent analysis of graphics in online marketing, designs always come first before words. The popular phrase “ A picture is worth a thousand words” is really true in the world of digital marketing.  

To be successful in online marketing, you need to create graphics that capture the emotions of readers with respect to your product or service. In recent times, graphics is one of the most important factors of a digital marketing campaign. 

All in all, good graphics result in an increase in sales. 

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