9 African Fashion Bloggers for your style muse
9 African Fashion Bloggers for your style muse

9 African Fashion Bloggers for your style muse

Fashion bloggers continue to bring fresh ideas into the fashion industry. Using cheeky marketing tactics they have given us honest reviews on a lot of brands, experimenting with new styles like never before. Here are 9 African Fashion bloggers to help you explore and expand your fashion sense.

Sergio Ines

Fashion Blogger

It all started with his girlfriend who was in the habit of capturing and documenting each of his day to day outfits. What my boyfriend Wore is now a big brand showcasing style for everyone who dreams of dressing classy and gentlemanly. Got a man you want to dress? Check out this South African’s Instagram,Twitter and Blog

Vannessa Chilimanzi

V Chilimanzi

If you want to dress like the rich wives yet staying on a budget this Zimbabwean blogger is for you. Inspired by her love for fashion Vanessa shares her awesome comfortable style. On her blog you will also find some blogging advice. You can also check her on Instagram and Youtube

Stephy Lately

Fashion Blogger

A lifestyle enthusiast Zambian blogger Stephanie is behind the inspiring brand stephylately.com where she shares her personal style, blogging tutorials and branding tips. You can check out her daily outfits on her Instagram page

Mohcine Aoki

Fashion Blogger

Mohcine Harris affectionately known as Mohcine Aoki is a master of street fashion for men. Hailing from Morocco he is not afraid to take a picture walking between market stalls because his fashion sense always stands out. Check out His Instagram and blog.

More Gracca

Fashion Blogger

Gracia K Senga is a Congolese fashion and lifestyle blogger who does not shy away from dabbling between western type of clothing and draping the African color print cloth. Her blog is so full of inspiration from following her personal style to checking out her Monday Male Feature a series she uses to follow male fashion trends. Follow her on Instagram

Ian Mussilli

Fashion Blogger Ian Mussilli

Ian Mussilli is a Kenyan fashion blogger who has a great eye and taste for both fashion and style as he feels there is a certain way a man should present himself. He is a Fashion Consultant, Personal Stylist, Entrepreneur and above all a believer in the saying, “Fashion fades but style is eternal”. Check out his blog and Instagram

Hermon and Heroda

Fashion Bloggers Hermon Heroda

Hermon and Heroda are Eritrean twins whose loss of hearing at the age of seven seems to have heightened their other senses as can be seen when you go through their blog and Instagram. Their fashion style is so full of color and joy.

Miss Kymmie

Fashion Bloggers

Tanzanian style blogger Miss Kymmie is inspired by street fashion. She describes her style as elegant. Her blog is “an online destination and a place for inspiration for people in their late teens, all through your 20’s & Early 30’s both ladies & gentlemen around the world. Who wants an insight from a Fashion Blogger sharing Style Tips on a Budget” Check her Instagram

Ornella Kondo

Ornella Kondo

Congolese Ottawa based Ornella describes her style as chic and class. She showcases her personal styling and fashion on her Instagram and blog Ornella gets inspiration from her favorite style icon, Solange Knowles.

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