About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are a virtual hub that promotes, educates, and celebrates African digital storytellers. Our vision is to be a platform that helps African bloggers to connect and create in an environment that is creatively enabling and inspiring. We understand the importance of representation and inclusion that is why we promote grassroots storytellers.

Our Activities

In order to fulfill our mandate of promoting Africa’s emerging voices, we identify, create and bring value-adding activities and platforms within the reach of African bloggers.


We train Africans on how to start, create and manage digital storytelling sites such as blogs, podcasts, or video channels. Through physical workshops, webinars and articles we showcase the endless possibilities that are created by a shared story. Our vision is to inspire more people to be deliberate about sharing their stories.

Training people to use blogs to demand accountability from local authorities in Zimbabwe, 2018.
Virtual Meetups

We hold monthly virtual meetups for African Bloggers every last Saturday of the month. These virtual meetups aim to foster cross-platform collaborations between creatives, provide opportunities for engagement with experts and generate creative inspiration for better digital storytelling.

Social Media

We promote the work of African bloggers through our various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and WhatsApp which also serve as places where bloggers from different African countries connect and share their various experiences, dialogue on important issues, and forge lifelong friendships. This is where the world meets African bloggers.

Blogging Challenge

We host blogging challenges, which provide African bloggers with opportunities to come together and blog on similar topics for a month. These blogging fiestas help people to connect as they discover that even though they are from different places, backgrounds and nationalities their stories are often similar.

Awards and endorsements

We recognize and celebrate outstanding African bloggers through awards and endorsements. It is our strong belief that this recognition will add credibility and deserved status to the bloggers as well as inspire more Africans to take up the pen and share their stories in a responsible manner.

Our Impact story :

I bless the day someone retweeted this Afrobloggers to my timeline. They’re truly about Africa and Africans growing, connecting, and rising together. They provide a viable platform for African content creators to build, grow, and network. They’re doing great work and bridging the gap

Blessing Adejoh, Gambia

You see, Africa is all it is and more. And even though we continually finger ourselves as those ‘lacking’, the truth is, home never lacks; not the people, not the places, not the art. This is the vision of AfroBloggers; to uncover the African Writing prowess hidden in fleabags all across the blogging space…

Victoria Naa Takia, Ghana

Thank you for bringing together amazing African talent to the world. I’d never thought that one day I’d blog in a matatu on my way home or late in the night. The blogging community of Africa is really lucky to have passionate people like you.

Akello Linda, Uganda

One of my hobbies is to write and because of that, I started blogging way back in 2012. I have joined many blogging communities to connect with other bloggers, but none have been as influential as the Afrobloggers community. It has helped me gain visibility for my posts and allowed me to connect with other African bloggers.

Getrude Gwenzi, Zimbabwe

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