About Us

Promoting Africa's Emerging Voices

The Organisation

Afrobloggers is a virtual hub where the world meets African bloggers. It is also a platform for African bloggers to connect, engage, inspire and learn from each other in an inclusive environment where every story matters.

The People

The organisation is led by a collective of amazing people drawn from different African countries. This diverse group is driven by a burning desire to see Africa and its creatives succeed and receive deserved recognition.

What we do


We Promote

We amplify the voices of African bloggers by sharing their work on our social media platforms. We connect bloggers with their intended audience.

We Educate

We offer blogging developmental skills through webinars, workshops, and tutorials. Our platform is also a haven of peer to peer learning.

We Celebrate

We endorse exceptional bloggers in our community by providing badges for display on their sites. We also host annual Afrobloggers awards.

What they say about us

Love how AfroBloggers is active and continuously connects bloggers from all over Africa. Thank you for helping us take up space, interact, learn and grow.
Afrobloggers Testimonial
Delyse Gimani
Fashion Blogger ( Zimbabwe)
An amazing community of African great minds, providing a super platform for connection and networking, engendering the literary prowess of creatives in and out of the continent.
Papayaw Asare @pyasare
Papayaw Asare
Personal Blogger (Ghana)
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