Personal bloggers

Personal bloggers

A list of African bloggers writing about their personal muse,poetry culture parenting and home improvements such as decor and gardening

A Latte SunshineFrom Zambia she loves to travel, drink a hot cuppa, take pictures, and sing. She also enjoys exploring God’s creation, and sharing all of it with you
Then My Heart had a voiceShe calls it her place, where she runs free porting her thoughts. Here she says her heart finds a voice.
Haddija TouHailing from The Gambia she writes intimately about her native land. Using words to paint pictures of heartbreak and loss she remembers her grandfather. 
Hope Chilinda (Shona)I write about womanhood, inspiring people I come across, Depression, Beauty tips, short stories, love and daily life issues.
Kintsugi BlogA place of healing, self-discovery and celebration of our brokenness, scars, downs and everything else we go through in-between.
7 Views AboveA personal blogger focusing on multidimensional narrative storytelling
Thembiterry Zulu
A personal blogger from Zimbabwe. Thembi helps you to explores experiences of young African women, through her bold and raw conversations.
Bird View: Life as it happensUgandan personal blogger Lisa Romans , who reads to hide from the real world. Writes to bring herself back. 
No grannies In AfricaMy life, my work and my travels by Dilman Dira
Unscripted.comFrom Uganda sharing musings on a variety of life experiences; from motherhood, Afro-punk culture, navigating a career, relationships, travelling and all-around Black Girl Magic.
Passion VictimMental Health, Veganism, Beauty and Fashion hacks, Love and Student Life
World Of NkA Personal Blog that focuses on Senegalese society and culture whilst aiming to give woman a voice
Frankie And BrenA Kenyan interior designer takes you on an exciting interior decor adventure, to inspire and offer useful tips to the laymen.
Growing PainsUgandan Blogger Mable’s personal blog that speaks of her experiences as an African. It has since evolved into a book blog as well.
Pieces of meBlog from Zimbabwe sharing some epic personal views on various subjects beautifully expressed through poetry and prose.
Madeline Wilson OjoA personal Lifestyle blog focusing on books, communication and life. Madeline is from Ghana but stays in London.
A serene PlaceOn A Serene Place, blogger from Ghana says: you’ll find bits about food, books and music. You’ll also find pieces about my personal life and a few heart to heart.
Piwan Samalie

You’ll realize this only after you’ve grown.That the stories we read are not our own. Personal blog writer from Uganda
Becoming The MuseA blog from Zimbabwe on the beauty and chaos of the place called home; celebrating the magic and mystery of our ancestry.
Cixteen Forever BlogA personal blog from Nigeria. Cixteen forever wants you to see yourself as a young person who isn’t tired of learning new things,acquiring  knowledge with each passing day.
Untold Lives of womenA Kenyan blog about factors that affect women and where you can find inspiration.
Austin Madinga’s Life Unbound Austin takes you on a review journey of different Malawian issues. From Entrepreneurship to saving the environment and travel reviews, this is a blog with Malawi at heart
Tales of a curious MindA health and lifestyle blog by Ugandan blogger Fiona Laker. Explore Africa, Poetry, Book reviews and health care delivery.
More to GettyExplore the social work mind of Getrude Gwenzi from Zimbabwe as she journeys through different countries and chronicles her PHD journey
I Am Tuape A Ghanaian personal blog on life experiences.Creative short stories and some fun musings.
Valentine WritesZimbabwean Valentine writes on love, lust, mental health and culture.
Vocalised ThoughtsI voice my thoughts through writing about abuse, depression and reviews(mostly; tv & film and rarely; books)

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