Anna Kedi Siade : Writing is a profound need!
Anna Kedi Siade : Writing is a profound need!

Anna Kedi Siade : Writing is a profound need!

Anna Kedi Siade is 34 year old, Cameroonian mother of 1. She has been working in marketing and communications for the past eleven years. She is also the founder of Shape Your Future, a mentoring program for young girls from 12 years of age, aimed at giving them the confidence to face and win the world. Anna’s love for content creation can be seen manifesting on her different platforms including this French blog

Why did you start blogging

My journey with blogging started in 2013 with the platform “La Bibliothèque Qui Ne Brûle Pas”, a blog dedicated to African culture, through literature. I created it to share my passion for reading, music and history, while promoting Africa. “La Case d’Anna” was launched in 2014, when I was part of the MONDOBLOG Platform. Initially I wanted to just share my thoughts. Despite having a wider focus I now consider it a tool for molding confident and conscious African women.

In short, I went into blogging to share beautiful stories to which people can relate, and thanks to whom they can feel empowered in one way or another.

What has been your biggest blogging challenge?

The biggest challenge is and remains consistency. Indeed, blogging for me is essentially a hobby. It’s something vital to me but one can easily get caught up in the challenges of life. Therefore defining a frequency that I can respect and stand by, that has been really tough In the past three years. I stay focused on getting better on that aspect.

I try not to focus on the word “success” but rather on the words “meaning” and “impact”

Anna Kedi Siade

Explain your creative process from ideation to publishing an article

Writing is like a profound need which I cannot resist. Therefore, sometimes my ideation process starts with that urge to write. I observe the world with very curious eyes, I read, I watch documentaries, and I discuss with people. These are my sources of inspiration which can trigger a small point that I find necessary to address in writing.

When I decide that the point should be written, I either write the article directly, or draft a theme and add a few bullet points and save for later. When the time has come to write, the words will just flow. It’s like there were inside me, long before I decided to write.

I have the WordPress app on my phone, but I find it difficult to use. Therefore, I sometimes write the article in my notebook, and later type it on my computer, this happens when I do not use the computer from the start.

Once the article is written on Word, I will copy it to WordPress, edit, and save the draft. Then, I will take some time (15 minutes to 1 hour) to find the ideal cover photo, adjust it on “Canva”, upload it in WordPress, then hit the “Publish” Button.

How do you measure the success of your blog?

I try not to focus on the word “success” but rather on the words “meaning” and “impact”. I don’t think I have a huge readership but what matters is that the few people who read my articles, get away with something that really helps them. Our lives are so challenging, that I feel from time to time, one needs a glimpse of hope.

Therefore, if there was any success to be measured, it will be based on feedback and interactions with readers. Over the years, I have realized the words I write convey meaning and sometimes help others by putting words, on things or emotions that they are going through. That to me is a great reward.

What factors did you consider when designing your site

The design of my blog has changed often in the past six years (I am really celebrating the 6th anniversary since the blog was launched in November 2014, cheers). For the last change, which happened in early 2020, the main idea was to focus attention on the content, rather than on its structure (categories, etc.). 

As I take great care in choosing the feature pictures for the articles, choosing a WordPress Theme that is meant to showcase portfolios, felt like a wonderful option.

Anna Kedi Siade Afrobloggers
Anna says “I settled for utility and aesthetics for my blog design”

How do you ensure maximum engagement for your content?

I won’t say I work towards maximum engagement. I have realized in all these years that when an article touches the heart, traffic grows naturally.

Still, I have some few tools to connect with my community:

  • The Facebook page attached to the blog and the personal sharing on my profile
  • My LinkedIn community
  • Instagram and Twitter related posts

The two items which I believe drive the highest engagement are:

  • My WhatsApp distribution list. It does not have tons of people, but It has people who chose to be in that list, so they really read, comment, and share the content received.
  • SEO: main source of traffic over the years is search. People come through some specific articles, and they read related content.

Share 3 bloggers you keep visiting for inspiration.

I have not been great on this one in the past years, lol. I don’t visit other bloggers for inspiration, but rather as a reader/fan. I would mention by Anne-Marie BEFOUNE, and April 4 June

Any 3 books you recommend

Only 3… this is a small number lol. Let me try:

  • Dangerous Love by Ben OKRI
  • Allah N’est Pas Obligé by Amadou Kourouma
  • The Rules of Life  by Richard Templa

Where do you see your blog in the next 5 years

I don’t have specific plans for my platform, if I have to be honest. In Five years, I will be delighted to have maintained regular posting, and grown my reach. For the rest, blogging is a total adventure, let us see where it will carry me next.

If your blog had a personality, how would you describe it

I have always considered my blog as a full brand (that must be the marketing side in me). So, it has a personality, or I would rather state is as core values which are: authentic, enthusiastic learner, and deep.

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