Being Busy Is not an excuse not to write


The moment you launch your blog with a series of posts, and build an audience for yourself no matter how small, then comes the hard part; maintaining your cyber community.

Many blogs are on the verge of falling out for lack of posting, and blog owners tend to attribute this to not having time to write. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize the role a blog’s community plays in determining the when and what of posting.

This was my response to the question of how asked by a writer friend who had backslidden into the shadows of blogging with the inexcusable reason of being too busy.

“I’ve got a ton of things going on” he said “School work, exams, groups to manage, family to support, clients to attend to, blah blah blah

You see, I’d love to tell you that being overly busy is a perfect excuse to go slow on writing, but honestly, it is the cheapest.

Some time back, I wrote a blog post on why you probably don’t take writing seriously. In this post, I made mention that everyone is busy, even your audience. What, you think they’ve got nothing better to do than follow a link to your site, and spend the next 10 – 15 minutes reading a post, and then another few minutes checking your blog out some more?

Well no! They also don’t have the luxury of time. They’ve got school work, a boss breathing down their neck, children tugging at their clothes and some good ol’ sleep to catch up on.

Being a blogger is not a ‘feel like’ thing, not even when personal satisfaction drives you. It is a full time exertion, and you’ve got to have a posting plan.

Personally, I love writing poetry and on my blog for example, I try to keep my community ‘alive’ on a weekly schedule. This way, there’s always something to look forward to, and if I can write more than once in 7days, even better!

Irrespective of how small your online community is, it is this kind of focus that breeds the discipline of writing; knowing that you’ve got people to serve and expectations to meet.

Have a schedule that works best for you, and keep it going till it becomes part of you. And if you are tempted to use the ‘busy excuse’, you might want to remember your faithful readers are not exempted from the economic and social craziness either, but if they can find time to read and engage with you, then you’ve really got no excuse not to write.

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