Rogers Wanambwa: Blogger Spotlight
Rogers Wanambwa: Blogger Spotlight

Rogers Wanambwa: Blogger Spotlight

Rogers Masaba Wanambwa, is a 25-year-old Ugandan, currently working with a Public Relations Company called NileValley Communications as a Community Manager and Content Writer and also with Kampala International University, as a Creative Writer. He pursued a Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in Finance and Accounting).

Why did you start blogging?

I have always loved reading and writing, right from childhood, and quite a number of people who noticed that introduced me to writing more elaborately and professionally. First for the university (KIU), then a friend called Rackara, another blogger, introduced me to the world of blogging where I could express my thoughts with abandon 🤭    and I have never looked back.

What has been your biggest blogging huddle?

I think it’s writers’ block and finding enough time for the blog given that I also have to work and study.

Explain your creative process, from ideation to publishing an article.

First of all, I get an idea to write about. Then I write it down, I have hundreds of notes that I adorably call “one-liners” since most of them are just one sentence thoughts. From these, I pick one that I am to write about and do research about it (I love statistics) which I use in said articles. After doing research, I use one hour to write the article, review it, and post it.

How do you measure the success of your blog?

I celebrated 1 year of blogging on Wanam world in August 2020. In this one year, I have managed to do twenty-six (26) collaborations with different people from all over the world. I have written 270 articles, made friends all over the African continent and beyond in the writing community. The blog itself has had over 6 290 views, opening some opportunities for me let alone the great discussions arising from my writing and the satisfaction of seeing my work out there.

What factors did you consider when designing your site?

Simplicity, legibility, and appeal.

How do you promote your content?

Through social media, word of mouth, and in my other fields of work. I believe that if your work is good, it will get to those that need it eventually, it is just a matter of time.

You have collaborated with so many bloggers, how beneficial are these collaborations?

Collaborations, like business partnerships, go beyond the scope of the subject matter. You remain friends with most of these people, meaning that your interaction sometimes goes beyond writing to sharing of ideas and knowledge. You get more visibility in the places these people are, and sometimes, recommendations for work. And so much more like guiding new bloggers, which I enjoy tremendously.

Share 3 bloggers you keep visiting, for inspiration.

I feel like this is a trick question every time it comes up because I visit tens of writers every week to see what they are up to. I will, however, say that I keep it African most times because that is where my focus is.

Any 3 books you can recommend?

  • The 12 Universal Laws of Success – Herbert Harris,
  • The Holy Bible (which I keep quoting)
  • I read a lot and frankly, there are so many great books out there.

Where do you see your blog in the next 5 years?

It will have more subject matter, being a hub of reference for many subjects that come up in people’s discussions, especially in the African context of things. My intention of writing is to give the world the African perspective on dialogues of importance.

If your blog had a personality, how would you describe it?

An Economist, a person of faith, a crusader for women being given opportunities, a lover of Africa, business growth-oriented, a believer in men being given a chance to express themselves more emotionally, a lover of statistics, a lover of writing. An extension of myself.

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