The Afrobloggers Awards 2020: Registration now open
The Afrobloggers Awards 2020: Registration now open

The Afrobloggers Awards 2020: Registration now open

Afrobloggers will honor African Bloggers who have been outstanding in the year 2020. The objective of the awards is to recognize and celebrate the often unappreciated efforts of African bloggers who are at the forefront of curating and archiving the informative, educative and inspiring everyday grassroots stories and emotions of our generation.

  1. Content– Measuring the quality of your content in relation to the category you have been nominated for as well as analyzing good practices such as crediting sources, verification of facts. [ 40%]
  2. Consistency– Measuring your ability to create and publish content consistently because we know this takes more than inspiration but also hard work, grit and research. [20%]
  3. Promotion– How well do you use social media to promote your content, build engagement and ignite conversations. [30%]
  4. Innovation –  How well do you adapt and adopt new ideas? Measuring your ability to bring in fresh ideas to stay ahead in your niche [10%]

2 –
20 December 2020
NominationsAfrobloggers will invite nominations for the awards per category via a google form.
21December 2020 – 20 January 2021Judges first trimJudges will trim down blogs to the best 4 per category
21 January 2021Top 10 AnnouncementAfrobloggers will announce the top 10 per category.
22 January- 4 February 2021Public Voting phaseThe top 10 will go through a public voting poll (30 % )
5- 14 February 2021Final AdjudicationJudges will deliberate and consolidate points to determine winner per category
15 February 2021Winners AnnouncementAfrobloggers will announce the 2020 African Bloggers Awards Winners


Each category winner will receive a badge to display on their site

The Official Afrobloggers Awards Badge 2020

Further Prizes will be announced in due course


Tech and ScienceTech trends, digital developments and news. Innovation reviews, STEM focused blog.
Education and ActivismBlog should show evidence of raising awareness, advocacy and/or lobbying.
Video Blogs60% of site content should be in video format.
Podcast60% of site content should be in audio format. 
EntertainmentBlog should be about entertainment news and analysis. Examples: Gaming, Sports, music, celebrity news.
Social CommentaryOpinions, Social commentary and critical analysis of current affairs.
Personal BlogThis category focuses on the blog author as the muse sharing ideas and thoughts (in prose or poetry form)
LifestyleBlog focuses on inspiring improved style aesthetics through tips and advice. Examples: Fashion, Style, Hair and Beauty, Gardening, Interior Décor, DIY.
Tourism & CultureTo promote African Tourism and culture for appreciating our very own countries.  Examples Travel tips, Events or festival reviews cultural reviews, anthropology
Food and DrinkBlog should be food and drink related. Examples: Eating places review, recipes, cookery, dieting tips.
WellnessBlog should focus on Heart, Body, Soul or Mind offering personal or group development. Examples: Health, fitness, spirituality, motivational, dating advice.
Finance and BusinessCategory was designed to encourage building of start-ups and sustainable business in Africa through innovative ideas. Examples Entrepreneurship, Corporate blogs, Business News, Financial Smartness
PhotographyPhotos are a powerful tool for preserving history and memories including raising awareness. Still images done for creativity, events.
Fresh VoiceFor new bloggers less than 8 months old.
Creative WritingBlogs emphasizing on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and poetics. e.g. short stories, fiction writing, poetry etc
Blogger of the yearJudges will choose the most outstanding blog in terms of concept, impact, and quality of content.

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