The never-ending chain story challenge
The never-ending chain story challenge

The never-ending chain story challenge

The never-ending chain story challenge

How it began:

@Tiwikiw17 saw this tweet on Twitter about a man who sat down to play the piano in a train station then a stranger joined in:

Now imagine if we started a poem or a story and random writers just kept adding a line to it or paragraph?

Who would want to be a part of this we wondered? And so we shared it with our twitter community.

This seemed like the opportune moment to run with this idea, while people are looking for creative ways to stay entertained while social distancing, we thought hey why not start this chain story and see what happens.

How its going to work:

The first round: Lightning Flash

All the people who initially expressed an interest to join in will be in line for the lightning flash round challenge… where you add 50 words to the story

  • When your turn comes, read through the previous additions, copy everything and paste to a new blog post
  • Start a new paragraph **Max 50 words
  • At the bottom of your story include a URL link to the previous story you are continuing from and also include a link to the Afrobloggers post where another record of the stories collected will be compiled here: #NeverEndingABC
  • If you do not have a blog or cannot post on your blog contact Afrobloggers on Twitter @afrobloggers or email and we will post for you.
  • additionally, share your paragraph of the story in a twitter thread and hashtag it #NeverEndingABC
  • Tell the person who tagged you Done so they check out where you went with the story.
  • Tag the next person in line and make sure they acknowledge that they are next.
  • If you are unable to complete the challenge please advise accordingly so we can keep it moving
  • Since it should not take long to come up with 50 words you should complete your part of the challenge as soon as possible and if one week passes from the time you are tagged as next; the challenge moves to the next person in line.
  • if you have any problems please contact the Afrobloggers team
  • If you wish to join the challenge kindly notify us.
The Second Round: 500 flash

Having cycled through the initial participants. The story continues but this time instead of 50 words each participant adds up to 500 words.

  • share a link to the blog and blogger where the previous part of the story can be found
  • Continue the story. If you do not have a blog or cannot post on your blog contact Afrobloggers
  • tag or contact the next person
  • you have one week.

The Order Of The Never Ending Story Thread:

Find your position on this list and familiarise yourself with the list members before and after you so the story passes from blogger to blogger smoothly.

We recommend you use this chance to connect with new bloggers













@Rudo Basic Girl Blog



Note: Please adhere to community guidelines and although freedom of expression is celebrated do keep it for all audiences


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