Video Bloggers

Video Bloggers

Here is a list of Awesome African video bloggers (Vloggers),compiled for you by people who love watching rich, engaging and fun content.

Sibu MpanzaYou want a youtuber who talks about rape culture, black representation, and many other sensitive topics without mincing words while keeping an open-minded approach, South Africa’s Sibu is your guy!
This is EssKenyan channel where Ess gets to express her love for fashion, beauty, travel and other lifestyle aspects
BOA 54Beauty of Africa and 54 stands for the number of countries we have on the continent. Our goal is to represent Africa positively as well as have fun educating our viewers about our uniquely blessed continent.
Bustop TVBustop Tv uses satirical skits to highlight critical issues affecting the Zimbabwean socio-political space.
Pure Estrogen Luyendo, aka Lulu, is a Zambian vlogger based in the United States who runs Pure Estrogen, a YouTube channel on natural hair. She covers topics such as weaving, braids, and natural hair,she also does crotcheting as well as offer occasional giveaways.
Landzy Gama A bold, unapologetic South African womanist who enjoys expressing herself and inspiring others.
2nachekiTunachekI means ‘We Are Watching ‘ in Swahili slang. Our goal is to educate & inform you about everything in Africa.
Vanessa ChilimanziVanessa shares on her love for fashion, beauty, travel and other lifestyle aspects that tickle her fancy!
Laziswe DambuzaA South African comedian shares hilarious skits. If you are looking for a good laugh check this channel out
Chic African CultureTour thousands of years of African culture, food, art, recipes, proverbs, folktales, music, news, education, politics, wildlife, travel, maps and more.
Banga AfricaFrom African mother, who prefers to remain anonymous. This channel is about African food and snacks.
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