Why you should participate in the Afrobloggers Awards
Why you should participate in the Afrobloggers Awards

Why you should participate in the Afrobloggers Awards

Why should you support and participate in the Afrobloggers Awards? Some of you have never given much thought to blogging and how it can have awards and recognition, until you ran into someone asking you to vote for them. We have watched while writers, musicians, actors and other discplines scoop awards while blogging is hardly ever recognised and decided if you want cake sometimes you have to bake it.

The Afrobloggers Awards 2020

This Twitter thread by Valentine Makoni captures the essence of the awards and we could not have expressed it better:

Why you should participate in The Afrobloggers Awards 2020

– A Thread

This time of year is awards season. The Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, Pitchfork year-end awards, MTV Africa Awards, NAMAs, ROILBAA, Zimhiphop awardsthe works.

@novableq spoke about the hypocrisy most people have: they complain and diss awards when they are not nominated, then come back around and praise them when they are.

@Royceda59 admitted to doing exactly this with the Grammys.

But, I understand. Why should we care about awards that pimp us for profit and exposure? Who nominate you so you turn up at the red carpet then give their personal darling the award anyway?

Who arent invested in your culture? Who thinks represents @PostMalone hip hop????

The @AfroBloggers Awards are different. They honestly represent participation by the demographic they claim to represent: African content creators.

African voices are sometimes gorgeous, always unique, and them being heard will be glorious.

Some of my personal favourites in the video blogs categories: @RudoManyere, who provides comprehensive reviews of African authors. @banele_nd & @Amanda_S_Ndlovu who tackle aspects of Zimbabwean history and Zimbabwean law.

Tech and Science category @Techzim which tackles all aspects of Zimbabwean technology from news, product reviews and regulatory changes @DisruptAfrica which writes on the African start up ecosystem, with writers from each region of the continent

Social Commentary category might just be the most competitive. In the context of continent wide repression, dictatorship, censorship, threats, a global pandemic, poverty and inequality, African writers continue to write thought provoking opinion pieces.

@Wamagaisa with @BigSaturdayRead which tackles Zimbabwe’s volatile political climate @teemadzika with a personal & human touch to the Zimbabwean socio-political environment. The Sovereign State & Some Black Guy Thoughts give unique perspective

The Personal Blog Category has so many people who have found their voices and give moving, vivid, colorful, descriptive, emotive, visceral, revealing tales of their being. Read the Point of View of Thembi Terry, @Bolajigelax & @Mablees

Awards 2020 in the Creative Writing Category:

You loved @TheAmandaGorman‘s poem at the inauguration?

Why not immerse yourself in the wonderful works of African wordsmiths including @Joseyphina , @bae_nonny & @Nikki_zw . All these are nominated too!

The AfroBloggers Awards 2020 Entertainment Category is one of the most competitive. These platforms are inclusive and diverse in the art and culture they promote.

Check out @enthusemag , @msabigaba , @ingudukazi & @Zimbo_Son

The Fresh Voice category:

Literary every voice is worth checking out. Raw, original, modern and vibrant.

I have had the pleasure of working with @kangoepollet & @suenyakubaya as well as reading the work of @melching91

The Afrobloggers Awards 2020 Podcast Category:

Radio is dead, long live the podcast! @TheVoiceknotPod is part of that future.

The Afrobloggers Awards 2020 Lifestyle Category has one of the most moving tales of the year.

You HAVE to check out @vchilimanzi , her work, her process and her advice. Its required reading for entrepreneurial content creators.

Afrobloggers Awards recognizes Education and Activism.

We must assume the responsibility for our knowledge, then apply that knowledge for sustainable and positive change.

@heyAnci is doing just that by exploring wisdom in African books.

AfroBloggers Awards 2020 Food & Drink Category:

What is cuisine of African origin and / or flavours we love as Africans?

@AkitchenInUg not only has amazing recipes but stunning photography as well. @teemadzika is a pioneer with Foodies263

So look, amidst the rambling, the diversions and the constant chatter of twitter… African voices are looking, feeling, watching, listening, learning, hoping, helping and thriving as they create content that captures their humanity.

The AfroBloggers Awards 2020 recognize that.

I am not saying vote, or choose or donate prize money (although it would be nice if you did all those things) but I am saying… take some time out to explore and recognize the greatness that exists in our midst.

AfroBloggers is building an incredible ecosystem. Be a part of it.

Originally tweeted by Valentine (@Valentinewrite_) on January 22, 2021.

Here is a twitter thread with all the nominees by category:

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