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Winter Blogging Challenge

Winter Blogging Challenge

What is it?

This is an African storytelling festival organized by Afrobloggers every year. For 22 days in the month of June, Africans come together to write and publish stories on similar topics. We hope to reignite African pride and consciousness as we reclaim our narrative by populating the digital space with our voices and creativity expressed as simple everyday stories.


This amazing blogging fiesta began in 2019 as 30 days 30 blog posts blogging challenge designed to inspire African bloggers towards consistency, networking, and collaboration. Today we celebrate this African blogging festival as 22 days of blogging reserving the weekends for rest and refueling. It is our time of reflection and evaluation on what it means to be an African in this modern world. As each and every person shares their story a bigger pattern emerges which reveals the successes, opportunities, and challenges we face as Africans today. Read Winter Blogging Challenge 2020 highlights here.

In the old days, we would gather around a fire and be told stories passed on from generation to generation, stories that held our values, beliefs and carried forward our legacy. In this internet age online is our new village meeting place. We come together to share our creativity, stories and feed our sense of belonging.

“Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity. “

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the Danger of a single story

Who can participate

Winter Blogging Challenge is open to all Africans. New bloggers can take this opportunity to start their blog on a high note with 22 exciting topics whilst established bloggers can use this chance to lure new readership by spicing up their blog exploring subjects outside their normal blogging niche. Check out the bloggers who participated in 2020 here

Winter Blogging Challenge
Afrobloggers Storytelling workshop in 2018

What are the benefits of the Winter Blogging Challenge?

  • Challenging stereotypical narratives. Your perspective on issues matters. It helps to show how diverse we are as Africans hence doing away with the dangers of a single story,
  • Learn how to manage your own time. Winter Blogging challenge stretches you. Every day you are expected to publish something, this will sometimes clash with your other important activities. You shall learn how to create time to write and how to schedule your work for future publishing.
  • Networking. This is a great time to meet bloggers from other African countries. Follow the hashtag WinterABC on social media and mingle with awesome bloggers. Winter Blogging challenge has helped many to easily connect and collaborate.
  • A chance to shine. Here is a chance to show how creative you are. Your voice will not be drowned because you are drawing your inspiration from your own unique experience and circumstances. Everyone is eager to see how you can tackle the topic differently.
  • Consistency. Going to the gym every day builds mettle, muscle, and endurance, so will blogging every day. It will oil your creative mind enabling you to blog even when you are facing the block.
  • Learning about yourself and your audience. Study your analytics, notice which blog posts brought much traffic. What did you do differently? Was it the topic or the way you presented it? Because you will be blogging on topics that straddle niches you might discover a niche that best suits you and your blog.

When are the topics be announced?

Winter Blogging challenge topics are announced 10 days before the challenge begins that is on the 22nd of May every year.

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